In a world of evolving technology can you afford to be left behind?

parking-sensorsOur Universal rear car parking sensors kit features state of the art sensors that allow the system to identify surrounding objects, which helps to increase your overall peripheral.

The smart tech alarm system will then alert you as you move closer to objects to help avoid potential damage to your vehicle.

All sensors can be easily fitted and colour coded to your vehicles specifications.

Benefits of Car parking sensors

1.    Reduce blind spots
2.    Decrease the chance of minor damages
3.    Increase the value of your car
4.    Aid those with physical impairments
5.    They can save you money!

The Process

1.    Carefully remove the bumper
2.    Identify the positioning of the sensors
3.    Colour match the sensors to your vehicle colour
4.    Fit The sensors to the bumper
5.    Spray the sensors to the colour specifications of the vehicle.