Allooy Wheel Refurbishment

Headlight Refurbishment

Tired and worn headlights can be a simple cosmetic issue or pose quite a serious risk to drivers, due to their ability to reduce visibility when driving at night, with some costing over £500 per pair to replace.

Why does this happen?

Most headlights are made of plastic, which can become clouded and pitted when being exposed exposure to sun, weather conditions, car washes and road debris.

Why should I restore my headlights?

  • Quite often this can result in the failure of an MOT
  • The beams UV output can be greatly reduced when driving at night effecting drivers vision
  • The vehicles value can be reduced

The Process

  1. Carefully remove the headlight
  2. Use a series of sanding discs to remove the film
  3. Polish the headlight with a high grade finishing disc
  4. Coat the headlight in a fine layer of lacquer to restore its showroom finish

For less damaged headlights we are also able to use our miracle spray system.

Therefore, we are able to offer our customers a refurbishment process that will not only help to keep them safe on the roads but also save them a considerable amount of money in the process.

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