Paintless Dent Removal

Dings and dents are known to be expensive and take a lot of time to repair, but things are changing now with the advent of paintless dent removal. This technique might not work with deep, sharp dents but there are a lot of common dents which can be quickly and easily repaired such as the ones caused by shopping trolleys, other car doors, minor collision damage or hailstones in case the paint has not been damaged.

In paintless dent removal we use special rods and tools for massaging such dents out of car body panel.

Advantages of Paintless Dent Removal

Some of the main advantages of this procedure which have made it one of the most popular options when it comes to dent removal are:

  1. The first main advantage is that there is no need of painting in this procedure and the whole task can be performed within a few minutes or couple of hours. There is no headache of matching colour of paint or worry about poor quality of the paint job and no need of sanding or using body fillers.
  2. The easy nature of the task also means that the prices are quite reasonable and almost 1/3rd of the cost you will have to bear in conventional repair methods, there is hardly any waiting time and high success rate can be achieved. These factors work as good incentives to opt for this technique for fixing mild dents.
  3. It is a less invasive technique since lesser number of parts needs to be disassembled and reassembled. As for example, in case PDR is done on roof then headliner will have to be removed for accessing the roof and that is the maximum level of invasion you will have to bear in this method. In contrast to PDR, in case of conventional repair of the roof, all interior as well as glass are necessarily removed to prevent any type of damage during the repairing process and thus is a lot more invasive repair technique.
  4. Another advantage of paintless dent removal is that the car retains its factory finish and original paint which helps to improve resale value of the vehicle in case you want to sell it after some time.

Methods We Usepaintless dent removal

We generally use two methods in paintless dent removal, first where we use different tools to get behind and slowly push the dent out. The second method is used when it is not possible to access the dent from the underside, in such situation we use a technique to pull out the dent from outside itself. Both the methods utilize a methodical process in which special tools, expert knowledge and skills as well as good amount of patience is required to successfully do the job.


How the procedure works?

The procedure is quite complex to perform and only our experienced technicians can do the job with perfection. Let us give you a brief idea about the whole procedure that is used for removing the dents.

  1. We use light boards or fluorescent lighting for creating shadows in dent to know where to precisely set up the tools at the backside of any dent.
  2. After that the tools are placed behind the dent and special glue is applied on the front side to control the pressure that is applied on the front as well as back of the dented area.
  3. As a last step we gradually manipulate the dent’s outer edge till it bends back to its normal position.

If you are also looking at PDR as an option to repair the recent dents your car got from a hailstorm or a shopping cart then we can fix it in no time!

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