Welding for MOT’s

MOT WeldingYou must be aware of the fact that in case the car is 3 years old then it is necessary for the vehicle to pass the MOT test and get the MOT certificate to be allowed to run legally on roads.

There are many tests performed during the MOT test such as the corrosion test and according to regulations it is necessary to repair corrosion in different parts of the car like steering mounting points, seat belt mountings, brake system mounting points and similar other parts of the car.

We follow MOT standards and use Continuous Metal Active Gas welding (MIG) in our welding repair process to rectify the problems so that the vehicle can pass the MOT test.

Types of Corrosions
There are three basic types of corrosion and our expert welders can repair all of them, let us look at these different types of corrosions here:

  • Steel Rusting: Rusting in steel takes place in case the base metal gets exposed to natural elements such as water and the rust starts to gradually penetrate the metal, thereby leading to reduction in thickness of the metal.
  • Aluminium Corrosion: The second type of corrosion that occurs is known as aluminium filiform corrosion if base metal faces exposure to any electrolyte because of incorrect surface preparation. This type of corrosion appears as if paint is flaking off from aluminium and requires proper surface preparation to solve the problem.
  • Aluminium Galvanic Corrosion: The last type of corrosion that we commonly find is called aluminium galvanic corrosion and it occurs in case two dissimilar metals contact each other. As for example, in case aluminium and steel come in contact with each other then steel starts to rust and aluminium begins to turn into white powder.

Effect of Corrosion
How seriously the safety of your car has been affected largely depends upon the level of corrosion and also on function of the section of the car which has been affected by corrosion. Even a marginal corrosion may affect safety of the vehicle in case it affects the load bearing capacity of the vehicle.

Thus we make use of different corrosion assessment tools to figure out the extent of corrosion and accordingly perform welding to MOT standards.

Why choose us?
Technical requirements set by VOSA (which is the government agency that administrates MOT) are very specific with regards to things which can be welded and which cannot be repaired just by welding in addition to the procedure that needs to be followed for performing the welding repairs.
We have trained MIG welders with several years of experience and complete knowledge of standards for MOT welding and can easily repair any type of corrosion in your car so that the car can pass the MOT test.

We perform MOT welding for:

  • Floor
  • Sills
  • Chassis and other structural parts

In case you are looking to get MOT certificate for your car or if the car failed its MOT then you can contact us for a completely no obligation quote for your vehicle’s welding to MOT standards and be rest assured about job getting done to perfection!

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