Plastic Bumper Repairs

In today’s world of drivers rushing around and competing for ever decreasing car spaces plastic bumper repairs are becoming more and more common. Bumper scuffs, dents and even bumper splits are often repairable with the latest plastic bumper repair kit. So don’t despair when you crunch your cars bumper, we have all the equipment to repair it back to pre accident condition at competitive prices.

Endless possibilities with plastic bumper repairs.

If you are unfortunate enough to have clipped your bumper and need anything from a bumper scratch repair right through to a piece being split off and needing bonding back in, then give us a call first before you go to the expense of buying a new bumper. Of course we can supply and paint a new plastic bumper for you but today’s plastic car bumpers are very versatile and plastic repair techniques have evolved rapidly over the past few years, things are possible now that were unheard of say 3 years ago.

Structural damage: plastic bumpers that are dented can often be heated and reformed back to shape with only minimal rework and painting to be done. Split plastic bumper repairs or cracked plastic can be rejoined by either plastic welding or re bonded together with reinforced webbed backings for strength or Wurth UK now do a plastic bumper repair kit that heats small staples into the plastic to help it regain its structure.

We can do many plastic bumper repairs so call us for some advice or email us a picture of your bumper and we will send you back a guide price. Please keep in mind that all structural bumper repairs will have to be done with the bumper removed so that we can access the back for a stronger bumper repair, this process will be worked into the price.

Cosmetic bumper damage: cosmetic plastic bumper repairs, such as bumper scuffs or a simple bumper scratch repair are easier by nature and can often be done the same day. When your bumper is scuffed take a close look at it, if you see small lines in the paintwork these are called ‘stress fractures’ and need to be sanded out fully to do a good repair, again a ‘same day bumper repair process’.

Yes we know bumper repair guys like chipsaway will come to your house and paint your car on your driveway but in all honesty do you really want a car repair and spraying done at your home or place of work in the street?

All our bumper repairs are painted in our spray booth using high quality paint and painted in a controlled environment. Our work is all baked dry and offers a tough weather resistant 2k coating. Painting bumpers this way ensures a longer lasting bumper repair as our paint coating is thicker due to having the ability to cure it fully.

Call us for plastic bumper repairs that last.

All our work is taken on with long term quality in mind. We use the latest plastic bumper repair kit and all our paint and materials are either 3M or Max Meyer based. We know there are cheaper alternatives out there but we refuse to use them, quality bumper repairs need quality materials…period!

For your bumper repair estimate you can contact us via email, smart phone, a visit to our workshop or just call us.

However you contact us we know we can offer you quality repairs that suit your pocket, just be honest with us. If you want a quick tidy up just say, or if you want a showroom finish tell us, we can price you on your needs.

For plastic bumper repairs contact us today.

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