Miracle Repair Systems

The Miracle System represents a total concept in panel repair tools, from roughing out to finishing, which has evolved over 20 years.

miracle-repairIt provides, on mobile trolleys, all the tools required to make a panel repair regardless of the tools individual technicians may have. With the full package, a technician can move to a vehicle knowing he has all the tools in place without having to return to his tool box for hammers or sanders. The MS-7E stud welder is specifically designed to work with the miracle system. First it welds on contact without pressing a trigger. Secondly the settings for different tools are clearly marked eliminating guess work on the part of the technician. Designed to last 20 plus years these are high quality tools made of Aluminum and Titanium for a combination of both strength and light weight. They are designed for one person use increasing the efficiency of the system. These are not new tools for panel repair, just new to North America. There are over 1000 systems in the UK, 1000 in Germany, 800 in Australia and many systems in India and Japan. The Miracle System is Mercedes Benz, Lexus and VW approved to name a few.

Today repairing a panel makes a lot of sense. Firstly there is a reduction in the overall cost of the estimate which is good for the customer and insurance relationships. With used or aftermarket parts being specified by many insurance companies on older vehicles it can take more work to replace than to repair when you have the right tools. When repairing you do not disrupt the factory welds and for those of you that do not have a quality spot welder this can be a concern. For those of you running lean manufacturing processes where the job does not start until all the parts have arrived, the job can be started right away. In some locations or on some models replacement panels may be hard to get further increasing cycle time. By repairing there is no need to identify, search, order, pay for, receive, inspect, store, (sometimes repair) the replacement panel. If the parts for a vehicle are no longer available or the vehicle is boarder line write off then repairing a panel can keep work in the shop. If insurance companies enter the parts business then the profit in the parts sale will be reduced to a handling fee.

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